China to Donate $100 Million to Cuba

Following a visit to China, a Cuban delegation has reached an agreement on loan restructuring, and China has pledged to allocate about $100 million to Cuba, Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez said.
The minister added that new projects that will get funded include a floating dock, a wind farm and a solar plant.
“[China has donated] about $100 million to our country, which we will naturally use to support our citizens… The debt that has already been accumulated – we will bring positions closer to find mutually acceptable formulas for streamlining and restructuring it. So that loans continue to come in for new investment projects,” Alejandro Gil Fernandez said in a Saturday interview with La Cubana TV.
Also among the projects that received Chinese support as a result of the visit are two enterprises for the production of biopesticides.
Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez currently heads a governmental delegation that continues its international tour, which includes stops in Algeria, Russia, Turkey and China, in search of support, as the island’s economy has been seriously affected by the global pandemic and the energy crisis.

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