Magdy Sabalat to the Egyptian Taycon Naguib Sawiris

... Game is Over


By Magdy Sabalat

The Egyptian Taycon Naguib Sawiris appeared for his truth and refused to invest with his companies in national security projects, such as reclamation of one million acres to be planted with wheat in order for Egypt to achieve its dream of self-sufficiency in a strategic commodity, the wheat crop that guarantees a loaf of bread for the Egyptians that President Sisi seeks so that Egypt does not break before any country that can pressure To attack Egypt with wheat weapons, which is a strategic goal like arming the Egyptian army, which is arming the country’s internal front.. It is not the first time that Naguib Sawiris insults the great Egyptian army, criticizing the army companies’ interference in construction operations and the completion of projects that build Egypt anew and take over the agricultural projects that he has been angry with. Naguib Sawiris and his ilk are among the companies that rush after construction projects with a profitable return that generates millions and billions, as his companies have worked in areas over the past seven years worth 75 billion pounds. It bore investment in land reclamation and others and attacked it as taking over the work of national projects and crowding out the private sector, while the political leadership demanded Some private sector companies have invested in these projects that bring Egypt to safety in the agricultural field, but they found that their return is low.. The president revealed during the opening of some projects two days ago in Assiut and put points above the letters to reveal this puzzle that fascinated the world in the fact that projects are produced Its financial statements amounted to nearly four trillion in seven years in rebuilding the state again to produce the new republic that the Egyptians boast about the whole world. .. The president achieves with this frankness an important constitutional principle, which is the knowledge that is the right of the citizen, as he achieved with it the availability of information circulation, that law that is absent from us from the House of Representatives that did not pay attention in its current and past sessions to allow the people to stop the ill-considered fatwa and not based on my information .. Thank you The president who revealed the national role of national contracting companies.. and private sector companies that aim only for profit and do not want to assume a national role.. As for you, Mr. Naguib Sawiris, whose investments amounted to that You and the rest of the Sawiris family are close to 200 billion in Egypt and abroad..and do not forget that you left the country in the days of the Brotherhood and went outside Egypt like the most prominent leaders of the Brotherhood..Perhaps you realized that without the military institution that you are attacking, you cannot go one step..Mr. Naguib, I do not want to I conclude my article with a sentence of the ladies, they are evil to you and the honorable men of Egypt who carried their coffins on their sleeves in order for you and those with you to live and to operate your companies and earn billions that enable you to dance in El Gouna.

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