US Has ‘Maneuvered Itself Into Position to Suck Investment of Europe’, Top EU Observer Grumbles

Skyrocketing energy prices have prompted hundreds of European companies big and small to shift operations to the US, threatening the European Union with large-scale deindustrialization. Moscow warned back in May that Brussels’ efforts to ditch Russian energy would constitute “economic suicide.”
Europeans are coming to the crude realization that the United States isn’t looking out for their economic best interests, that Joe Biden is no more a friend to them than his bombastic predecessor, Donald Trump, and that Washington’s “polite indifference” to its allies’ needs hides the more sinister goal of sucking investment out of the region, a top observer at one of Europe’s largest news media corporations has acknowledged.
“Former United States President Donald Trump was a useful bogeyman for Europe. His successor, Joe Biden, is proving much trickier – a friend who says all the right things but leaves you in the lurch when it counts,” editor at large Nicholas Vinocur wrote in a recent op-ed for Europe’s second-largest media outlet.
Vinocur picked up on an unsettling trend in US policy under Biden: taking an action certain to harm Europe’s economic or security interests, and then reacting with “polite indifference” and a “terribly sorry, we didn’t even think of that” message when European leaders inevitably express frustration and dismay.
“From Washington’s surprise withdrawal from Afghanistan,” in which NATO’s allies weren’t consulted, “to the transatlantic blowup over submarine sales to Australia (AUKUS),” which robbed France of $50 billion in defense contracts, “and, now, a growing spat over the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which offers tax incentives and subsidies to green US business, the Biden administration has, time and again, caught Europe off guard,” the observer wrote.
European officials have grumbled vociferously over the IRA legislation, which was passed in August, and is designed to ramp up US domestic energy production and clean energy, citing its discrimination of European goods, and violation of World Trade Organization rules on fair trade.
French President Emmanuel Macron has been the loudest in expressing grievances, accusing the US of “double standards” in its trade practices, and of selling energy to Europe “for 3-4 times” what US consumers are being made to pay. “And on top of that, they have taken massive state aid measures in certain sectors that are completely outside our market projects,” he said this month, referring to the IRA.

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